Welsh Arist Christopher Langley

An article by Swyddle - An organization to promote business through the Welsh Language,

A Blank Canvas – Chris Langley
The unconventional and independent artist Chris Langley was born in Pontyridd yn 1962 and is now based in Cardiff. A self-taught artist, he has been painting semi-professionally since his first exhibition in 2012 and has since reached galleries in Cardiff, London and New York. Chris won recognition as a two time ‘Lumen Prize’ finalist. In this interview, Chris shares his adventure of cutting his own cloth in a competitive industry and also expresses how natural it is to work in both Welsh and English.

How important is the Welsh language to you on a personal and professional basis?
Communication through the Welsh language gives me a sense of identity and belonging and being a part of a unique and ancient culture. Professionally, I have a Welsh Business, which also functions on a bilingual basis.

What more could be done to promote the language?
Targetting people who have a general interest in languages is an effective way of promoting the Welsh language, not only in Wales, but across the world. It’s important, I think, that people have fun whilst learning the language – it’s an effective way for it to develop and evolve.

What’s your current job and why?
My main livelyhood is creating art work, whilst generating work from my client’s inspirations.

What was important and how important is Wales or the Welsh language to your work?
As a Welsh speaker in Wales, it’s important for me and my Welsh speaking clients to be able to work together in either Welsh or English. It’s beneficial form my company, ArtGallery.cymru and myself.

**Who and what has had the biggest influence or inspiration on my professional life? **
Over the last two years, I have been a part of developing the PR side of my business through the 4Network and the South Wales Business, Zokit. It’s shown me the importance of business networking, by introducing professionals that know about business development and PR.

**Which projects are you working on at the moment? **
At the moment, I’m working on a single exhibition at the Waterloo Tearooms. I’m also keen to promote my work in collaboration with a project run by the restaurauteur, Giovanni Malacrino.

What challenges does your industry or company face?
Everyone likes art! Whether you buy from Ikea or The Range to original work by Whitewall Galleries. There’ssomething for everyone. For example, many people move to new home and need a piece of artwork to reflect the change.

My own challenge is to exhibit my work more widely so that it inspires a new inner reflection and to promote my commissions in order to generate ideas for personalised, unique and affordable pieces for my clients.

What is your aims for the next 5 years?
To promote my services and work so that they become more recognisable.

What do you think is the next best thing on the horizon?
For me, it’s going to be technology;and digital painting . At the moment I’m experimenting with iPad drawings by using a digital painting app. I will also develop conceptual work using different apps to create mixed media art work.