Croeso/Welcome to the Christopher Langley Online Art Gallery.

Contact: 07792 295502

Meet Welsh Artist / Cwrdd â’r Artist Cymreig Christopher Langley.

Chris has been producing quality artwork professionally since 2012. He has completed commissions for both private and corporate clients. Be it a special gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday and just something special for yourself, Chris will work with you to produce the best outcome of your concept.

Chris works in all media and styles; not afraid to experiment, he has been refereed to as a great colourist. This gallery displays his original land and seascape works.

At his other gallery at, see his townscapes in an expressionist semi-abstract styles and conceptual work in addition to clients' ideas and concepts, such as pet portraits to local Cardiff scenes.

For your very own commissiom and/or to purchase an original work or print visit: Mae Chris yn hapus i siarad a chi yn Gymreag.

Upcoming Exhibitions / Arddangosfeydd i ddod:

Colour in Winter Solo Exhibition. Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, Lakeside, Cyncoed, Cardiff. December 2017.
Valentines Exhibition, David Lloyd Tennis Centre, Cardiff. Jan 27 & 28th. Romantic Gifts.